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AcademicInfluence.comConnecting Learners to Leaders
Meet the team of academics and data scientists working together to provide an objective InfluenceRanking™ of people, places, and institutions.
Intelligent Education is a platform that powers course creation,
interactive learning, and practical skill-building.
An enormous collection of literature and non-fiction on any device. 
All for free.
The Bright Notes Study Guide library spans more than 275 volumes, providing clear and comprehensive insights into the world’s greatest literature.
Influence Publishers is an independent book publisher focused on nonfiction titles with a special interest in training, learning, teaching, and education, specifically related to high school and higher education.
The visual encyclopedia of things from the observable universe to sub-atomic particles. Let your curiosity guide you from object-to-object. Objects on the scale have informational content to help you understand and learn more.
GhostDetect® is a tool for analyzing stylometric differences between two writing samples to help detect academic ghostwriting by finding differences in writing styles from supposedly the same author.
Under development — Memory and Learning Techniques for Personal Power.